on either side the river lie

unabashedly inspired by Downton, and all things M/M (Michelle & Mary)

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Meanwhile, Ovenden says that his character, Charles Blake, isn’t in this for the competition at all, explaining:

“The idea of him being in some sort of competition, some kind of medieval dual or joust – I don’t think he was a big fan of that at all.”

Either way, when the odds look stacked against him, Blake does not pass up an opportunity to get back in the game he apparently isn’t fond of, as Ovenden explains: “He finds a way [back to Downton] which involved him overhearing a conversation involving a chap called Simon Bricker (Richard E Grant), who is an art historian.”

Adding: “He wants to see Mary and find out once and for all where he stands!”[x]

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People are quick to come to Jim [Carter], give him an elbow and say, “Do you want to pour the wine?” With Michelle [Dockery], it’s like Kate Middleton is in the room.

Laura Carmichael talking about Jim Carter and Michelle Dockery being the two most instantly recognizable people out of costume. x


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